Established in 1934, in Weert, Netherlands, by entrepreneur P.J.M. Bos, The Bos Group started out as a small, family-run business. At that time, its core activities consisted of producing and trading in aggregate, but the post-war years saw significant growth and the company became a leading manufacturer in building materials including clay pipes and high quality, hand-made brick. In the early 1980’s, inspired by the Bos family’s enduring passion for sport, the group ventured into the sportswear industry.

A major turning point came in 1982 when the opportunity arose to represent renowned sports and fashion brands. In 2000 the group became licensee for Converse. These partnerships proved both timely and fruitful and so in 2002 the group’s entire focus was redirected towards the fashion industry. Today, The Bos Group owns several design, development and distribution companies, which between them market some of the world’s leading sportswear and footwear brands. Yet, despite the phenomenal growth and internationalization we continue to enjoy, The Bos Group is proud to retain the core values of a family firm in the twenty-first century. For a detailed break down of the company structure please refer the histogram below.

1934-P.J.M. Bos founded the company in Weert, making building materials.
1958-The founding of the clay pipes factory.
1965-The founding of the bricks factory.
1973-Opening of the building materials centre.
1980-The Bos Group enters the sport market – Kesbo Sport BV.
1986-Founding of the golfcourse.
1992-The Bos Group starts with the distribution of Brooks running.
2000-The Bos Group acquires Converse License.
2004-New offices and warehouse.