Maruti Footwear

Maruti Footwear – A women’s shoe brand offering a wide range of different shoe styles, from winter until summer. The Maruti collections stand for high quality materials and experimental prints, all faced in a clean design.

From sneakers, boots, loafers, slippers to sandals, each woman can create her own style with the diversity of Maruti. At Maruti we strive for something special, just that little bit extra. The most iconic feature is our ‘touch of animal’, specialized in hair-on features; from all-over prints to little details of the shoe. Every shoe contains this playful and feminine feature.

Besides the appearance, we want to offer women the most comfortable shoe. We take time and attention to create the perfect fit. Also, most shoes contain a removable footbed to be flexible and suitable for everyone.

Maruti handles its materials in a responsible manner, for instance by using waste of materials to produce bracelets and other accessories. This in order to take corporate social responsibility for society and the planet.

All of this is coming together at our webshop and in our partner shops. Throughout Europe you can find us wherever you want. Created with love in the South of the Netherlands, ready for you to enjoy.

Maruti makes inspiring and fashionable footwear for women who have an eye for good design and beautiful materials that match with their own style. Maruti stands for high quality materials and experimental prints all faced in a clean design, with our iconic feature ‘touch of animal’.

Maruti Footwear
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